8 tips to make a video go viral on Social Networking Sites



Wonder how videos of your peers went viral? Now it’s time for yours to get the front line. Let’s maximize your videos on social media by a few simple tips.

Not only an important part of your marketing strategies. In fact, video accounts for a large share of traffic. In this article, I will share simple tips to promote your videos on social media and drive more people to your websites:

1. The duration of your videos

e.g: Film Storyboard Template Video 16 9

How long should a video be? This depends on what type of video you want to share with your customers. Moreover, the channel you are working on is also important. Every channel puts a limitation on video duration.

  • Vine: 6s

  • Snapchat: 10s

  • Instagram: 60s

  • Facebook: 120m

Your video will be played smoothly and optimized easily as long as it is short enough. In case you have a long video, Youtube will be a great host. Then you can share the link on other channels.

2. Auto-playing video

All social media set videos auto-playing when the users slide to it. You should use this feature to attract customers and encourage them to engage more. However, to optimize your video on social media with this feature, you should take some notes:

Once your videos are played automatically, you only have 10 seconds (or less) to impress your customer. Make sure you take good care of the content right from the head to the tail.

If your video is auto-played but users don’t click on them, they will be silent. So, focus on your soundless content. Gussy it up with bright and contrasting colors and make the first frames outstanding.

Should auto play be stopped? Yes

Don’t forget to show them your message right and simple. People can spend all day long refreshing the newsfeed for no reason, but they will quickly slide down to other posts when finding nothing useful in your videos in some first seconds. You need to catch their eyes at the first moment they glance at you, tell them why they should watch this and what they can gain from it.

3. Add subtitles

Today we’ve been connecting all over the world thanks to social media platforms. A video with the subtitle can reach more people and therefore, get more traffic.

Adding the subtitle will be convenient for your users to watch in public places such as hospitals. You may ignore this but the thing is earphones/headphones are sometimes annoying gears.

Subtitle helps you communicate with the deaf. Remember their ears might not be hearing well but their wallets still do. And who knows? Maybe they are the potential customers you are looking for.

This is the easiest way to optimize your video on social media. You can add the subtitle to your videos from Web Browser or smartphone. There is so many apps/software for this task. All you have to do is clicking and waiting.

4. Live streaming

Live streaming on Facebook must be the feature of the year. Now users, personal or business users, can broadcast whatever, whenever and wherever they want. With live videos, you can keep track on how many people are watching, how they are reacting and interact with them right now by commenting.

We all can see that live video drives much more traffic than a normal one. A research pointed out that the number of people watching a Livestream video is as 3 times as those of pre-recorded one. By broadcasting yourself, you mutually interact with your customer and answer their questions immediately, which make them more engaging.

An Asian woman professional beauty vlogger live broadcasting cosmetic makeup – Making a tutorial viral video!

After your show, your video is still on their wall for whoever misses it. One more thing is that all your followers will receive the notification once you go live. So live streaming is really a way to make you the hub.

5. Maximize your video with searching tools

The content in your videos is not searchable but its title and caption are. Make sure the description and title of your video contain the keywords. You can optimize (e.g: Youtube- Explore the blue link) your videos on social media by relevant hashtags. Don’t forget hashtag when you post anything on Instagram or Twitter.

6. Insert your brand name

You can’t control where your videos will be shared. Users can share directly from your page but they also can download and re-post them. So to avoid all your effort turning nothing, or worse, driving people to other pages, you should add your logo, brand right in the frame. Even if people don’t watch the video directly from your page, they know the source and might pay you a visit for interesting things like this.

7. Call To Action on Video

You need to make your purpose crystal clear before you make any videos. After all, video, like pictures or posts, is just the means for your ultimate goals. You want to click to website, share or order, give it straightly ahead on your videos. To persuade your audience to do what you want, you need to clarify your Call To Action.

You can put your CTA messages at the beginning or at the end of the video to make them engage more. Or you can naturally straighten it outright in the description.

8. Make the How-to-do videos

How-to-do video always seems like a magnet to people. No matter what you do like redecorating clothes, baking French cake or creating some DIY stuff, your videos will always attract the curious audience.

A proof for this trend is mushrooming cooking Facebook pages Tasty, Cookat or Taste. With short videos on recipes, these pages get amounts of large traffic in a short time. And recently, the short viral videos about life messages or news through typography or kinetic is coming up to the front.

How-to-do video is a great way you can interact with your customers in a friendly way. You don’t have to make an all-advertising video about your product. If you have a clothes store, make videos on how to mix them. This is really a way to tell your customer you care for what they need, rather than you’re just selling stuff.

And remember the rule, short and simple. Don’t make your videos a speech. Keep it a message!


Here are the simple tips for optimizing your videos on social media. You can promote your marketing strategies through videos efficiently with some steps. It’s not easy but it’s not difficult, either, if you spend time on it.

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