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High quality, unique content is essential in attracting and retaining visitors to your website. It is also central to those all-important search engine rankings that allow potential users to visit your website and experience all that you offer.

However, creating such content is time-consuming and costly. Relying on freelance writers can lead to questionable results, missed deadlines and numerous expenses!

Previously, your only other option has been content spinning software that takes existing content, changes the word order and produces a new set of connected words. Notice I did not say readable or usable content; spinning software, more often than not, creates unreadable or plagiarized content that is rejected by search engine algorithms and if it does get passed them, confuses and frustrates visitors to your site.

But, all is not lost, the software introduced in this Content Rocket review offers an exclusive solution to the problem of exceptional content. Content Rocket offers the ultimate answer to generating the content you want and need, when you need it. In just a few minutes it produces ready to publish content that ticks all the quality, engagement and conversion boxes.

Content Rocket Review – Overview

Vendor: WPEnhance
Product: Content Rocket
Launch date: 2016-Dec-14
Front end price: Only $23
Niche: Content generation
Bonuses: Available
Recommend: 100%

What is Content Rocket?

Content Rocket is a multi-language content creation WordPress Plugin that enables you to extract content from YouTube subtitles with very little time or effort on your part. The resulting content is readable, engaging and of extremely high quality.

More importantly it is guaranteed to be 100% unique; your content will stand out from any other content on the web for all the right reasons. Content Rocket will change forever how you view content creation for your website. My Content Rocket Review demonstrates just how simple it is to produce the very best content for your website pages.

What are the great features of Content Rocket?

Beyond the simplicity of the Content Rocket Plugin there lays an undercurrent of exciting and very useful features. The home website currently lists 20 different features, all of which are aimed at giving you the very best experience and the perfect content.

One of the features that is unique to this product is that there are no contracts or set up fees. You simply pay the one-off license fee and you are good to go. The other great features can be categorized as follows:

Keyword search and manual URL entry

Content Rocket enables you to locate and select popular videos based on your niche keyword search. You are in control of the results that are shown. All you need to do is select the most appropriate keyword.

Additionally, it enables you too manually enter the URL of any YouTube video with subtitles, which is relevant to your niche, and extract the subtitle content to add to your blog. So, if you see the perfect video, copy the URL and you are already most of the way to having perfectly unique and engaging content.

Unlimited video search and content

The latest version of the Content Rocket Plugin allows its users to undertake an unlimited number of searches and to receive unlimited numbers of video results. All you need to then is select up to 50 results per process and watch the content flow to your blog.

The selection page makes it easy to select either individual videos; giving you even greater control, or to bulk select and let the Plugin do the rest. There is also the additional bonus of no restrictions on the length of the videos. As long as the video has subtitles, then it can be used.

Create content in over 80 languages

We all know that the key to the web is to think locally and act globally. Content Rocket allows you to do this with never before seen accuracy. As well as improving user experience this helps you to climb search engine rankings and build traffic faster than ever before.

Translation happens automatically if you click the setting on the settings options, and unlike some computerized translations, it is actually readable and engaging once translated. Among 80 languages that are supported include Arabic, simplified and traditional Chinese, European languages, Yiddish, Hebrew and Zulu. More languages are to be added in future releases.

Top SEO factors covered

SEO remains an important factor for many website owners and operators and this is taken into consideration Content Rocket. Plugin users are able to:

  • Auto embed YouTube video along with the content derived from the subtitles
  • Drip feed post publication – choosing when to publish and the time lapse between posts
  • Experience well indexed pages with custom categories – giving your website organized form as well as quality content
  • Post featured images to capture the visitor’s interest and make each post stand out
  • Grab existing YouTube titles for blog titles – you will never again struggle for an eye-catching content title

Content format options

The main aim of Content Rocket is to reduce the manual effort of creating exceptional content for your website pages or blog posts. New content formatting features have been added to the latest release of Content Rocket to give you greater control at the touch of a button, or the click of a mouse.

The main content format features included in the Plugin are:

  • Content alignment
  • Bold keywords
  • Automatic read more tagging

Content log

Keeping track of the activities of the Content Rocket Plugin is easy with the addition of a clear and detailed activity log. As well as helping you keep track of your blog, you can use it to view and edit individual posts, saving you time and effort.

How Content Rocket works

Getting high quality and unique content could not be simpler. You need very little to get started, in fact all you need is the one-off fee and a website that utilizes the WordPress content management system. Once you have decided on the product license that is right for you, and have your website up and running, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Download

Download the Content Rocket plugin to your website following the instructions sent to you in the email you received after paying your license fee.

Step 2: Find content

Go to Content Rocket on your website menu and click on add content. Enter the keywords you want to search on YouTube and all the relevant videos containing subtitles will be displayed.

Step 3: Select Content

Select the YouTube videos you want to extract content from. You have the option to select the videos individually, or to press the select all option.

Step 4: Personalize your content

The next stage will offer you a range of options to choose from that allow you to put your individual mark on the content. Simply select the options you want, including content language, publishing status, post category, whether to include a featured image and whether to use the existing YouTube video title.

Step 5: Publish your content

When you’re ready, click process and the Content Rocket Plugin will automatically pull the content from YouTube, create the post and publish it along with the original video (if you’ve chosen this option).

Pricing and how to buy Content Rocket?

Content Rocket can be purchased through simply click on the license level that you want to purchase and you will be taken to a secure payment site. The Plugin access is delivered via email. Payment is made by PayPal, which offers you another level of security for your payment details. Once delivered to your email address all you need to do is follow the simple instructions I provided earlier in this review and you are good to start boosting your income.

There are four levels of pricing for Content Rocket depending on your level of experience and individual needs. All the pricing options include the great features that I have detailed above and access to support, should you need it. The main differences relate to the number of sites that are licensed and whether you are a starter, elite user, developer or reseller.

Single site license $17

Perfect if you only have the one site and are new to content creation, WordPress and YouTube. Get started easily with full support from the Content Rocket team.

Unlimited sites License $24

This version is more suited to those running multiple sites and need to generate greater volumes of content over various sites. It is for obvious reasons the most popular pricing choice.

Developer License $27

If you are looking to sell on the benefits of Content Rocket to your clients, then you definitely need this version of the Plugin. The developer edition also comes with some tasty bonuses and deals to help you along the way.

Reseller License $87

If you are serious about being associated with WPEnhance and Content Rocket, then you need the Reseller edition of this Plugin. As well as offering various money making opportunities, it also gives you access to updates and future plugins before they go on general release.


Content Rocket Review – Is It Cost Effective?

If you are looking for a product that requires a one-off cost to produce readable, engaging and, just as importantly unique content, then you need to buy Content Rocket. No reliance on freelancers, or computer generated spun content; this in turn means no risk of your content being side lined by the increasingly watchful search engine algorithms.

The additional benefit of reaching non-English speaking markets with no need to speak or access speakers of multiple languages, is an opportunity not to be missed!


The Content Rocket Plugin is an opportunity not to be missed. It will streamline your content creation processes and boost revenue for a minimal outlay. Is it cost effective?

Compare the one off front end cost of $17 to the daily, weekly or monthly cost of a copywriter and content management team, or to the risks of using plagiarism laden spun content and the answer is clear. Yes, it provides excellent value for money, time and effort.

To sum up, I hope you have found your solution after reading this Content Rocket Review and wish you all the happiness in life. Thank you!

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