PixelMate Review – What’s HOT inside This Affiliate Store Builder?

PixelMate Review – What’s HOT inside This Affiliate Store Builder?

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Good morning, guys! Have a lucky day! Today I want to review a new product of MO Miah and make sure that you will love it, if you’ve been looking for an all-in-one solution to easily create any type of mesmerizing animated graphics for any purpose with just one simple platform, then look no further. Yes. That is PixelMate.

So what are it and its features? Let’s get started for further understanding in this PixelMate review!

PixelMate Overview

Created by Mo Miah et al
Product PixelMate
Release Date September 06th, 2018
Release Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $27
Official Website CLICK HERE
Niche Software & Tools

What is PixelMate?


PixelMate is a complete “all-in-one” software solution that allows you to create high quality mesmerizing animated images, banner ads, gif, HTML5, and video ads, and much more. This suite helps you increase the conversion rate on your website/blog and drive traffic as much as possible.

You know, people love beauty so when they see the eye-catching images, they click on them immediately.

The Author

Mo Miah began his online business with affiliate marketing, and then he tried with creating digital products. As you see, he succeeded and made 7 figure income. His notable products are InstaNiche, Serplify, Video Vibe Pro, Video Wave, etc.

Have you used one of these products? And How do you feel?

Outstanding Features of PixelMate

1. Unlimited animated and graphic designs

You can create thousands of the different animated videos, static, images and banners as well as gif campaigns.

2. Live Preview

If you want to preview your animated graphics campaigns, this feature will be perfect for you.

3. Segment your best animations/graphics based on performance

4. 1000+ inbuilt professional and eye-catching graphic templates

5. Real-time tracking dashboard

With this feature, you can see the data on views and clicks as well as the conversion rate of your banners quickly. Besides, you can navigate the user dashboard with ease and sophisticated to provide an all-in-one platform for building any type of ad campaigns proven to turn clicks into leads and sales.

6. Flexible customization Options Built-into the Editor

PixelMate comes with an advanced high-performance editor, equipped with a variety of customization options that allows you to revamp more than 1000 graphics templates to create your customizable design from A to Z easily.

7. Customize the creatives with a library of text fonts, effects, and images

This is integrated with more than 200 text fonts, 16 animation effects, and 1 million stock images.
Also, you can upload your own PNG, JPEG or SVG and custom any button, shapes, colorful gradient/texture backgrounds, Simple image editing, manipulation and so on.

8. Undo and redo function

9. Download your designs in PNG, JPEG, GIF, PDF, HTML, and MP4 format

There are dozens of great features inside this product, right?

How does PixelMate work?

Using this is easy like counting 1,2,3, and even for newbies, they can use it proficiently with the drag-n-drop editor.

Step 1: Choose any animated graphics template you need to edit.
Step 2: Start customizing every element to fit with your purpose.
Step 3: Download it to your PC.
Or if you need a deep tutorial, watch the demo below now!

PixelMate Review – Why Should You Buy It?

I see this product is very amazing and you can buy it to support your online business as well as possible.
Moreover, this suite is perfect for copywriters, designers and video producers to use. They can create thousands of stunning animated and graphics products for their customers to earn money. Indeed, PixelMate is like your ATM.

Besides, I knew MO Miah through a lot of hot products. He is well known for releasing solid products which have each generated multi-six figures in gross sales all the time. And the last reason which you should buy this is its attractive price.

With $27, you get over 1000 graphic templates, and you will earn more than $27 when selling your graphic designs if you are a designer or copywriter.


Pros and Cons:

– Easy to use with the drag-n-drop feature
– Over 1000 eye-catching graphic templates
– Multiple purposes of usage
– Low price
– Newbie-friendly

– There is no bad point of this suite, I think so!

User Experience

PixelMate is your best solution for you when:

– You have no material, no skill, less time or budget to create high-quality and eye-catching animated graphics
– You use a lot of the design software which don’t have many outstanding features, high-converting templates, slow working and very difficult to use for a newbie
– Having a variety of high quality animated images, banner ads, gif, HTML5, and video ads isn’t cheap, you can easily pay hundreds of dollars to a designer on just 1 project.

When using this suit, you don’t need to work with 6 different softwares to create custom animated designs for your business. PixelMate has integrated everything. To the best of my belief, there are no other apps on the market that can do what PixelMate does in just a few clicks. Is it very amazing?

Don’t stop there! For a limited time only, it’s all available now at a super low price. If you buy a copy of this now, you will get a 50% discount ($27) with a one-time payment.

Don’t hesitate to claim your discount now before the price doubles and becomes a monthly subscription!

Final thoughts

Hope that you will make the right decision, and if you get a copy of PixelMate, you will have a fantastic experience, I wish. And if you have any questions about this, feel free to leave your comments below, and I am willing to answer all.

Thank you so much for reading this PixelMate review and see you soon!

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