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  • Easy to use
  • Require no prior experience
  • Find highly-converting keywords
  • Analyze your competition
  • Optimize your descriptions
  • Find local influencers
  • Discover good backlinks
  • Commercial license
  • Boost rankings


  • So far, there is none.


Rank Reel Review – You Would Not Want To Miss This Outstanding Video Ranking Tool



Up to this point, ranking videos on Google is still one of the best ways to make profits. I guess there is no need to explain. After all, top positions mean more viewers, and more viewers undoubtedly mean more money!
But here comes the problems: To get better rankings, first, you have to get better at SEO.

And as you have known, anything involving this term is nowhere near friendly. Heck, recently, some rules of it even took a sharp turn! And the methods that people often rely on to rank videos, such as using blackhat tactics and low-quality links, have been rendered inefficient.

Therefore, if you want your videos to quickly be on top of Google, you are going to need an assistant. What do you think about an advanced tool that can cover 5 ranking aspects?
You do not know where to get that? Not to worry! My Rank Reel Review will show you.


Created by Ben Murray et al
Product Rank Reel
Release Date May 10th, 2019
Release Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $29
Official Website CLICK HERE
Niche Software & Tools

What is RankReel?

RankReel is a brilliant ranking tool that allows you to profit from 5 ranking fields: keyword research, competition research, description optimization, backlinking, and local influencer outreach. Plus, for each of them, you will be receiving a range of amazing SEO features that guarantee to quickly boost your rankings!

Are you wondering what they are? Then I guess I have to give you a glimpse.
As long as you have access to this RankReel app, you can take advantage of several incredible built-in items, such as keyword finder, tag research, competition analysis tool, and the right to both export and sell data!
Much better than doing SEO the old-fashioned way, don’t you think?

The Guys Who Made RankReel

Ben Murray with his partners – Abhi Dwivedi are Jvzoo vendors with about 2 or 3 products on this platform. But do not take this as a sign of inexperience! The number of launches cannot actually tell anything, right? It is their quality truly matters.

Well, among his creations, PlayPix – which was introduced to the market 2 months ago – can be considered one of the top launches so far. Do you want proof? Go ahead and look it up! There are tons of people speaking well of it out there.

So, does this enough to make Ben Murray someone you can trust with your business efficiency?

Key Features Explained In Detail of RankReel

RankReel Feature #1 – In-depth keyword search engine

Like every other ranking tools, RankReel also comes along with a keyword search engine. But here comes the interesting part! Rather than just lets you discover the keywords related to your search, it also lets you discover how much you can earn with them.

Yeah, you heard it right! For each keyword you type in, the tool will offer you a list of highly-converting similar results as well as their average monthly global report, suggested bids, how many searches they can get, and so on.

RankReel Feature #2 – Competition analysis

RankReel is going to provide you with competition analysis for both YouTube videos and Google links! For each keyword, it will give the top ten results a throughout look, and then bring back tons of values.
For examples, with YouTube clips, you can have their length, their number of likes, their channels, their links in descriptions, and so on.

As for Google links, you get to see the properties that contribute to their high rankings. In other words, you will know what you need to do push them down and take that position for your own!

– RankReel Feature #3 – Description optimization

Guess what? RankReel can automatically generate a high ranking YouTube title and description for you within minutes! Even better, all you need to do to get this is just to provide the tool with some essential information, such as your niche, your business name, and your contact information.

– RankReel Feature #4 – Backlinking

The fourth-ranking aspect RankReel can give you is backlinking. Are you wondering how this might help you out? Well, it enables you to discover whitehat, authority link opportunities that easily skyrocket your video rankings on not only YouTube but also on Google.

– RankReel Feature #5 – Local Influencer Outreach

This brilliant feature of RankReel can easily reach out for influencers in any location. Then, it lets you message them and ask them to share your videos across social media networking sites. This will undoubtedly bring you massive profits.

How can you convince those influencers? RankReel will help you with that so as not to worry!

– RankReel Feature #6 – Commercial license

Aside from everything mentioned above, RankReel also offers you a Commercial License. Use it to run your own video ranking services and get back even better profits!

How to use RankReel?

It will only take you a few minutes to start rocketing your videos’ rankings with the help of RankReel. Here is the demo video, please give it a look to understand what you need to do.

Who should buy RankReel?

RankReel is a tool for those that want to benefit from the power of video ranking. Therefore, its target users are going to be:

+ Social media marketers
+ Affiliate marketers
+ Product vendors
+ eCommerce site owners
+ Website owners
+ Video ranking service managers
+ Lead-generation service managers

RankReel Review – Advantages And Disadvantages:


– Easy to use
– Require no prior experience
– Find highly-converting keywords
– Analyze your competition
– Optimize your descriptions
– Find local influencers
– Discover good backlinks
– Commercial license
– Boost rankings


– So far, there is none.

How Much Does Rankreel Cost?

Now that you have got a glimpse of RankReel’s main features, let’s move on to its price.
For now, this video ranking tool is available for $29! Personally, think this is a really good deal. After all, a high-quality ranking tool is not something you can easily come across every day. Plus, with the values it offers, I believe you have already realized it could cost you much, much more.

Still, if you want RankReel, you should go and get it now because, within the next few days, its price will skyrocket very quickly!


In Conclusion

You have finally reached the bottom line of my RankReel Review. I hope you found it helpful!
Now that you have known what this tool is capable of, have you decided to put it on your shopping list yet?
I think you should. As far as I see, there are barely any good ranking video tools out there. And even if you manage to get one, it will either have an out-of-reach price or a complicated method that few can follow.

In other words, if you see a ranking tool that is both easy to use and cheap, you had better grab it at all cost.
So, are you now convinced that RankReel is definitely what you cannot miss? Then what are you waiting for? Hit its sales page right now!

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