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My Soci Jam Review shows you the outstanding features of this software and gives a bit of honest advice to help you make the right decision. Check it OUT!


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Hey guys, I’m here to share with you a new tool which can create the highlights of words like Bold, Italic or Underline.

You know, Although Facebook provides users the Bold feature by using #, for example, #Soci Jam, the fact is that this takes much time to write the long sentences or paragraphs in Bold.
And luckily, there is a replacement tool which creates not only the bold sentences but also the italic and underlines ones.

Is it great? So what is it? Take a close look at the basic information about this product below!

Soci Jam Overview

Author Cindy Donovan et al
Product Soci Jam
Launch Date September 06th, 2018
Launch Time 09:00 EDT
Front-End Price $17
Niche Software & Tools


What Is Soci Jam?

Soci Jam is a brand new software tool which I want to mention in this review.
It allows users to add the bold, underline, italics and some other effects to their posts and ads on Facebook to make their presentation more interactive.

You see, the words which are highlighted will be easier to read than the normal ones. From then, it boosts the viewers to like, click to comment and make sales. Soci Jam helps users save much time because it works automatically, so their efficiency and effectiveness are increased remarkably.

About the Author


First, Viktor Grant is well known as a many-year internet marketer. He took on creating digital products 5 years ago. But, he was not lucky in the previous products, and that is the reason he cooperated with Cindy Donovan in this new product.

Do you know Cindy? Yes. She is quite famous for creating WP themes and plugins.
Her best selling products are Viral Loop, Covert Commissions, WP Blazer Suite, Pixly Pro, Videtar, Drop Gecko and so on.

Key Features of SociJam

Add BOLD, Italics, Underlines and more

Instead of using the “#” to bold Facebook provides users, you can create the posts in bold, italic or even underline quickly with ease. This is the most outstanding feature of Soci Jam, I think so.

Copy/Paste simplicity

Using this is very simple because you just need to copy your post, paste it into Soci Jam and then, add the bold, italic and underline to any word, sentence or paragraph which you want.

Boost engagement on your posts in seconds

As I said above, it will be better if your posts have the highlights. It helps the audience pay attention to your post, and they will make positive actions such as Like, Comment and Click. And this is too perfect to get as many sales as possible. I believe that your competitors will be very curious about you.

Works in posts, featured posts, comments, groups, and even Facebook Ads

Soci Jam works great in every post, featured article, FB ads. Don’t stop there! It also highlights your comments. You can use these features to make up your posts on your fan page, profile, and even group.

100% Facebook Compliant

This software is very friendly with Facebook, so you don’t need to worry whether it works well on Facebook or not.

How Does It Work?

To know how to use Soci Jam, you should watch the demo in this video:

However, I can help you to summarize the simple steps to create the highlighted posts:

Step 1: Access to Soci Jam with the account which the author provides you.
Step 2: Copy your post and paste into the box to customize.
Step 3: Post it on Facebook
Step 4: Wait and Get a massive increase in likes, comments, and shares. Then, check your daily earnings.

Soci Jam Review – Good & Bad


Simple to use software
Outstanding features
Save much time
Low Price
Multiple purposes of usage

Have no bad point, in my opinion.

Pricing & Expert Reviews of

The Front-End of Soci Jam tool will be onetime payment of $17

You will wanna be First to into them to this viral software, Soci Jam – Get Massive boosts in Facebook licks, likes, comments and SALES with attention grabbing posts.

Soci Jam Pro – Onetime payment of $27-$37

Unlock access to 30+ added compatible services from Skype to Youtube and many more – plus emoji use and code access too.

Soci Jam Extreme – Onetime payment of $27

Access our Rolodex of swipe files, templates, and resources to get a done for you treasure strove – Give you what you need to get started fast and get noticed faster.

Soci Jam Agency – Onetime payment of $97

Allow people to create user accounts of Soci Jam for their staff/clients.

Soci Jam Reseller – Onetime payment of $197

Allows customers to sell the entire Soci Jam funnel and keep 100% of the profits.





Evaluation and Testimonials

In my point of view, you should buy this tool to improve your online business on Facebook.
I can give an example of the benefits which Soci Jam brings you.  You set an FB ad campaign to sell your products. If you only write the ad post without highlighting, the ability to fail in this campaign is very high because it is too normal. The interact is not much.

However, if you make the highlights in your ad post, the audience will be very excited about those words or sentences. They will show their interest by making the actions “Like,” “Comment,” “Share” and even “Click on the link.”

What better to make as many sales as possible with Soci Jam.
Besides, the price of this is quite low – only $17, so I consider that the risk of this investment is very low. You don’t worry about anything except using this tool to improve smoothly your Ads.


Soci Jam Review – Conclusion

Congratulations! You finally find the effective tool to improve your online business on Facebook.
Hope that you will get many interesting experiences with this product, and if you love it, please introduce to your friends.












How to Get My Soci Jam Bonuses?


Step 1: Order any product through my site.

Step 2: After you complete the order, send [the receipt id] in a message to my email at or contact me on this page.

Step 3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait for your bonus.

Thank you for reading my Soci Jam review and if any questions are asked, feel free to comment below!

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