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Social media is an indispensable part of marketing. All kinds and all levels of marketers are trying to make the best out of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing effort.

In this SociHub Review, I am going to introduce an ultimate system that you will ever need to harness the power of all your social media platforms.

SociHub is a cloud platform that provides you with the best content to post on your pages and the best administration system to control those pages. It has everything you ever need to work with your marketing campaigns on social media systematically. Let’s take a look at the overview!

SociHub Overview

Vendor Chris Jenkins et al
Product SociHub
Launch Date January 20th, 2017
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Niche Social Media & Video


What Is SociHub?

SociHub is a brand new web application that allows you to manage the top favorite social sites, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. In other words, this cloud-based software will help you to take control of the social media platforms all in one time, and you can now easily manipulate those pages in the dashboard.

The best part is, this app finds for you the most high-converting content so that you never have to worry about content researching useful.

SociHub- Key Features Explained In Detail

Content curation

Now with this content-pulling machine, you are completely problem-free from finding content to post on your pages. SociHub makes sure to dig out the best-quality content with which you can attract a massive load of traffic. You can now forget about spending hours or days searching on your current niches for re-use potential contents.

Schedule Your Posts

Besides offering you the high-converting content, the Schedule feature allows you to arrange the exact time that the content will appear on your pages. SociHub helps you to schedule any number of posts across your accounts. This system does search for good contents and make perfectly the best out of those provided content.

Consequently, you always work on targeting more effectively!

Integration 6 top popular social media platforms

Keeping track of the contents you follow up on all the platforms is always uptime, you’re no longer a manual slave to these social media. Instead, you might easily automate your marketing campaigns by using the built-in API Integration.  This new-handy software on which you can switch to manipulate on different accounts.

Multiple your accounts and multi-scheduler

This SociHub version can add unlimited client accounts that means you can add many different accounts for each network. Also, managing those accounts easily and control the content effortlessly and schedule your posts any time you want.

One-click posts

You definitely use the simple one-click post features to set up an article or image post instantly and deployment your manipulations on all of the 6 networks. Creating and posting the content cannot be any easier by just a click of your mouse.

Built-in analytics and agency version

This feature based on rational analytics of how their posts are performing to provide its users. Report notifications of retweets, likes, comments, etc. from the dashboard instantly back to your mail. Overall, you can set up and create appropriate campaigns dive to them.

How Does It Work?

I suggest 3 simple steps to work with this system:

Step 1: Log in
Step 2: Find and schedule the content for posting
Step 3: Keep track on your content

The Best Options for Your Savings 2019

SociHub is now available with 3 offers:

  1. SociHub Front-End at $37/one-time payment – Access to SociHub SaaS to control 6 social media platforms
  2. SociHub First Upsell at $47/one-time payment – Access to built-in content curation software
  3. SociHub Second Upsell at $97/one-time payment – Access to the best-selling Pixal Graphic software bundle including:

• Pixal SaaS platform
• Pixal template club
• Pixal Pro version
• Pixal resellers package and license

My Things about the new Social Media SaaS platform

– It saves your resources

SociHub can dig out the content on your demand as well, it saves countless hours and dollars on content researching. You can now invest your resources in diverse options rather than just social media marketing which means that you can use your content to attract the reaches in a much more efficient way.

– It’s easy-to-use

This web-app is pretty convenient to a good start. Thus, you don’t need to separately keep track of each account. Instead, you can control all of them easily and quickly from the dashboard. SociHub makes sure that your clicks will as productive as possible.


The thoughts in my SociHub Review wants to emphasize is that this system is a proven high-performance system that keeps your work of page administration on track all the time. With SociHub, you are free from cracking your brain to find content, you’re free from wasting your money on hiring content creators, and you are free from the exhausting work of managing your social media accounts. It is just a perfect tool for any marketer!


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