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Posting new contents on social network platforms is extremely important. That thing is one of the ways to maintain proper engagement to customers and get free and no-cost traffic for native videos that post themselves. However, it may take you all day to do that and you may not have enough time focus on other important campaigns.

This may drain your time resource!
Lucky enough, I know one solution that can help you, a lot. Ben Murray and his team have made a big development in which they have successfully made a tool that can automatically post contents on social accounts, with new and unique contents.

Sounding fascinating, right? Let’s dig into my SociVideo Jukebox Review to find out more about it. I am 100% sure it will help you boost your productivity.

SociVideo Jukebox Overview

Author Ben Murray
Product SociVideo Jukebox
Launch Date May 24th, 2017
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $47
Niche Social Media & Video


What Is SociVideo Jukebox?

SociVideo Jukebox is a brand new software that can post new contents such as videos, images, and quotes on Buffer, Hootsuite and many more. And the most specific thing about it is that it works on complete autopilot.

The software not only schedules your posts itself posts the contents automatically, without your interference at all. 90% of the traffic is from old recycled contents. The tool will repost it and mix it with some new contents to get a sea of traffic. It will just take about 30 minutes to drive targeted traffic to your site.

About The Creator – Ben Murray

Ben Murray and his team have put a lot of effort into the product: VidRepurposer, RankReel, … As an Internet marketer, he understands that maintaining updated on all the platforms is a very time-consuming work, which will most likely to affect other tasks in a day if we are not aware of them.

That thought has urged him to think of something extraordinary to help marketers solve that issue. That is how he made SociVideo Jukebox.

SociVideo Jukebox – Feature Details

In this part of the SociVideo Jukebox Review, I will list out some of the most magnificent features of the product:

Upload a mix of content many times

SociVideo Jukebox enables you to schedule the post just once and then it will appear over and over again automatically. Besides, it will recycle the post and publish it on the schedule you have set earlier without any additional supervisor.

Auto-schedule and upload videos on Facebook

SociVideo Jukebox also allows you to post on Facebook over and over again to get free and targeted traffic. Soon you will be dominating in the world of video marketing.

Find new contents in one click

Usually, you don’t have enough time to write your own blog posts or make a video by yourself. SociVideo Jukebox provides you necessary tool to look for viral videos to post on social accounts frequently.

Using stay-up-the-art technology

Another point I would like to add in this review is that now you can add as many RSS as you want. Then you will need one more click to set it on complete autopilot. Just once and it will work forever.

Provide a long-term solution

The reason why SociVideo Jukebox is fascinating is that it is available at a very affordable price, no more hosting fee in the future. The app is there to solve your permanent problem.

How Does It Work?

There are three simple steps you should do:

Step 1: Build the content

In this stage, you should create a category, in other words, a Jukebox. This helps you manage things more specifically.

Step 2: Set up what to post

Now you can upload your content or SociVideo Jukebox will fill in the list for you with the most engaging and viral contents.

Step 3: Schedule

Set up how frequent you want the contents to show up and the software will take care of the rest for you.

SociVideo Jukebox – Advantages & Disadvantages

I guess I can not afford to forget my evaluation of the two sides of this application:


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable with no hosting fee each month
  • Completely automatic


I have yet to figure out any errors with SociVideo Jukebox!

SocciVideo Jukebox Review – Evaluation and Price

The front-end price for SociVideo Jukebox is as low as $47. With no extra cost, you just need to invest $47 to have a reliable assistant for your online engagement.

The product comes with many special bonuses, especially for early birds, so make sure you will buy it soon to get more gifts from the vendor. It will not any less attractive as the tool itself.

SociVideo Jukebox is a solution for those who are willing to work less for more money. It is definitely a must-get if you want to upgrade your online business without having to work so hard. Time is precious, thus make use of the technology as much as possible.














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Thanks for reading my SociVideo Jukebox Review and I will see you soon!

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