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There are thousands of ways that are believed to make a website more traffic-puling. However, the fact is, not many of them are effective. Also, not quite a few people focus on coding to boost the traffic, without realizing the significance of the page’s appearance.

Thus, in my VideoPal Review, I will introduce a powerful tool that makes your website unique. I mean it is one-of-a-kind both in the eyes and the mind of the visitors. As a result, our potential customers will love to see your website and actually enjoy their time surfing on it.

You will surely be stunned by how VideoPal works to make your website so stunning and enjoyable. This tool allows you to add professional animated 3D or 2D human spokespersons to any pages of your choice. Now with VideoPal, drive massive loads of traffic, leads, and sales are no longer a tough task. And that makes it truly a revolution in Text-to-Speech technology.

VideoPal Overview

Author Todd Gross
Product VideoPal
Launch Date February 17th, 2017
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $27
Niche Animated Video


What Is VideoPal?

Have you ever thought of making your website more attractive and interactive by adding on its interface a virtual assistant? VideoPal now makes your dream come true. In additional information, It lets you create stunning looking 3D or 2D human spokespersons and add these to any page you need.

So what can you expect from VideoPal? This tool provides you with the best full control over your virtual assistant. In other words, you can customize your own display, speech, and voice. To be specific, an average person can boost up to 70% of sales by using this application.

The best part is, VideoPal is super easy-to-use, it fits all levels of users. Your page can either be a blog, eCommerce site, bonus page or a landing page. It takes you just a few days to boost sales, conversion and leads. My review will now specify on what outstanding features listed.

VideoPal- Feature Details

Next-gen Text-to-Speech technology

VideoPal provides virtual spokespersons as the primary product. Animation maker communities really appreciate the feature which offers a broad range of characters. Specifically, the main product consists of 47 male and female voices having 24 different languages.

Consequently, now you can expect to have hundreds of spokespersons for your choice. You can periodically change the character to give your website the diversity in appearance.

Breakthrough video suite

This web-app can instantly spike up your sales and profits. In fact, VideoPal guarantees a 1.5x boost in conversion, which is a great deal to your competitors. A professional-looking spokesperson will appear on the screen every time anyone visits your webs. And that’s what makes your targeted customers so impressed by your page.

Diverse options

In this section, you can insert call-to-action buttons, opt-in forms, countdown timers, coupon codes, and texts. Afterward, these features will appear on top of the videos to further provoke customers’ interaction. VideoPal will totally work these things out.

How Does It Work?

With VideoPal, you can generate spokespersons and serve you on demand. In fact, this tool utilizes the world’s best Text-to-Speech technology, which allows you to create the most lifelike virtual assistants. Furthermore, the best part is, they act as the traffic-pulling machines for your website.

To see the results with VideoPal, simply follow 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Create
Produce a character that fits your site’s concept and style
Step 2: Add
Make them appear on your site after customizing the features
Step 3: Profit
Start making sales and profits with the help from your virtual sidekick.

Watch VideoPal in action in the demo video!

The Best Options for Your Savings 2019

The front-end price of VideoPal is now $27, which I think is a very good deal. And as far as I know, the price will significantly increase after launch. Thus, to enjoy the fast action discount, you’d better purchase it as soon as possible.

In addition, VideoPal is now offering 3 other packages:
• VideoPal Profit Campus at $37/ one-time payment
• VideoPal Deluxe Traffic Suite at $27/month or $97/one-time payment
• VideoPal Commercial License at $67 lifetime

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You can now create and add VideoPal to your pages, affiliate offers, e-commerce sites and even sites you don’t own. Most importantly, the procedure won’t take you more than several minutes, and you will start to see the result in a few days. Using VideoPal requires absolutely no technical experience.


VideoPal is a 100% cloud-based software; therefore, there is nothing to download and install. Thus, this feature also adds to its ease to use, which makes it flexible and customer-oriented. VideoPal web-app works on all platforms and browsers, all you need is a device with an Internet connection.


VideoPal is compatible with all smartphones and mobile services. As a result, it further provides you the flexibility and autonomy in your own working. In fact, the results were created by VideoPal 100% mobile-friendly. So now it seems like the task of driving more traffic to your website cannot be easier.

VideoPal Review – Conclusion

VideoPal is probably a never-seen-before and top-value web application that you will ever need. And as compared to all the great values that it brings, the price makes it a super good deal. Thus, my VideoPal Review suggests that anyone reading this should stop finding for anything else. Everything you have to do is click the button!


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