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The fact is, you are wasting your money on the security programs that don’t really work. Vulnerabilities are programming mistakes that enable hackers to break into a website. As a result, the main reason why security is such a struggle for website owners is human error. After reading this WP Site Guardian review, you will know the seemingly only easy way to autodetect and block exploits in minutes.

WP Site Guardian is a top-notch WordPress plugin that will immediately email you to notify the attack attempts and automatically block the biggest attacks before they can do any harm to your website. The best part is, this brand-new program is super easy-to-use. Being equipped with this product, even a no-brainer knows how to protect their sites completely.

WP Site Guardian Overview

Author Chris Hitman et al
Product WP Site Guardian
Launch Date December 18th, 2016
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $27 – $47
Niche Theme & Plugin


What Is WP Site Guardian?

WP Site Guardian is an all-inclusive Web App Firewall that protects your site against exploits – the most common yet dangerous types of hacking attacks. WP Site Guardian protects against all attack vendors including URL execution break-ins, Form execution break-ins, XSS Attacks, SQL Injection, Header Injection, and Directory Traversal.

Moreover, my WP Site Guardian review finds out that the newest version of 2017 has many exceptional improvements:

• More powerful intruder detection
• Fewer false positives
• Even more compatibility across hosting platforms
• Even easier installation
• Improved intruder reporting

WP Site Guardian 2017- Feature Details

Sending your emails notifications of attack attempts

WP Site Guardian can quickly recognize any attack attempts. It then will notify you immediately before the situation gets any worse. With this, you are guaranteed to be the first person to know exactly what is trying to attack your site.

Automatically block the biggest attacks

Once you activate the WP Site Guardian, it will protect you from the most major attacks that you could not even know. It’s a complete set-and-forget system. Install it, activate it and forget it.

Autoblock exploit hack attempts and auto block hackers

This software is truly the 1st pro-active plugin that thoroughly controls and blocks hackers based on behavior.

Behavior-blocking technology

You may never know if your site is at risks. But with WP Site Guardian, this is irrelevant because it focuses on the hacker activity instead of the vulnerability.

Faster loading and less security needed for your website

There is not even a day I feel slightly disappointed with its performance. My site’s processor and memory load are massively reduced because I can now eliminate any resource-hungry security using it. The WP Site Guardian plugin really offers an unrivaled defense against exploits.

How to install:

As mentioned in my WP Site Guardian Review, it’s a complete set-and-forget system. The three basic steps are:

  • Step 1: Install it
  • Step 2: Activate it
  • Step 3: Forget it

That’s why I said it takes you just 2 clicks to protect your WordPress site against all types of exploits.

Pricing & Expert Reviews of WPSiteGuardian.com

– WP Site Guardian Front-End with updated functionality – $27

– WP Site Guardian Developer – $37 (annual recurring)

A pro-active protection program that scans all your whole website (include CSS and HTML) daily. It then will compare these with a real-time active database of known vulnerabilities. Finally, it will automatically email the webmaster if a threat is found so that you can take action and eliminate SUPRISE risks immediately.

WP Shield Up – $37

This PRO feature makes your site run in “stealth mode”. It deletes all the critical information that WordPress broadcasts to reduce the risk of hack attacks by 95%. With this defense tool, your website is no longer an easy target for hackers.

WP Security Audit – $37

This product is created to specifically address all kinds of security oversights. It provides users with a comprehensive overview of their site security and how to fix stuff quickly and easily.

Why Should You Buy It?

Simple 2-click setup

As repeated in my WP Site Guardian Review, you know exactly how easy to utilize this tool to protect your website completely. Besides being a high-performance tool, this feature of WP Site Guardian is a real bonus for nongeeks.

Work with all major page builders, membership, security and cache plugins

WP Site Guardian is compatible with Cloud Flare, OptimizerPress, Wordfence, Profit Builder and much more. Now with WP Site Guardian, your site is guaranteed to be fully supported and secured.

Best Prices

WP Site Guardian is giving many fast-action-taker offers. $20 off for Single Site License, $60 off for 10 Site License and up to $350 off for 100 Site License. They are all the lowest prices and please note that they are the limited-time launch only offers

WP Site Guardian Review – The Bottom Line

In short, WP Site Guardian is the proven-to-work and easy-to-use software that will defend your website in the best manner. Grab and now to protect your website from having to deal with any worse problems with hackers.


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