EsyVid Review – Turning Old Sites and Content into Stunning Videos

EsyVid Review – Turning Old Sites and Content into Stunning Videos

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Do you think that old content is waste? No, there is a way to make a stunning video of it. You will have the slides templates to make it. Let’s check out my EsyVid Review to discover this method!


Everyone loves to watch video and consumers prefer to buy from video rather than a text description. That proves for the power of video and why marketers focus on building it for campaigns. Many video creation software is developed and sold in the market. But with thousands of options, how I can choose the best suitable one?

What do you think about a product that can make a stunning and beautiful video from URL, scratch and even old content? I have found it – EsyVid! It is not the same as any video creator I have used. I find here everything needed from template to music, background and font text.

Just by some clicking and pasting the URL, it seems that I can make a video myself. Today, I want to share that feeling with you. If you are looking for a solution on video creation, following on my next parts!

EsyVid Overview

Created by Akbar Shahnoei
Product EsyVid
Release Date September 20th, 2018
Release Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $27
Official Website CLICK HERE
Niche Software & Tools

What is EsyVid?


EsyVid is a brand new cloud-based software allowing you to turn any websites, pages or online contents into fledged videos. Even though your site is old, you just need to paste the URL and EsyVid automatically takes content, and images to make a video.

With advanced functions, you have the right to customize anything you like to create a high converting stunning video.

The Vendor of EsyVid

Akbar Shahnoei is one of the youngest talented digital marketers. He’s also a successful software creator with many product launches such as Fix Point, Your Business Page, and SEO Print. All of them are highly appreciates by experts. You can find his information and selling profile on the internet easily.

Unique Features of EsyVid

– Templates Collection

There are more than 300 fully customizable SVG Slides Templates. All of them are high quality and professional graphics in the hottest and in-demand niches. However, you still can edit and personalize logos, picture, audio, or backgrounds if you like in just a few minutes.

– Make video from websites, scratch, articles, and templates

It allows you to create any type of video using your article database for URL or the content you import form notepad. There is one more thing I like most is that EsyVid makes a video in any languages.

– Customize video projects

There are advanced designer tools enable you to edit the video:

  • Choose creative themes and backgrounds by a click
  • Type any handwriting
  • Change color with draw-tool
  • Change position of slides
  • Select one from hundreds of infographic shapes and arrows

– Text to speech

It includes more than 50 voices in more than 20 languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and so much more. You will get better conversions, leads, and exposure.

– AI and Automatic video title creation

You do not have to worry about how to create an attractive title for the video. EsyVid brings you thousands of options.

– Sharing video

You not only get all videos in one place but also share them to more than 200 sites in some clicks.

– Rendering video

In less than 60 seconds, you can render high-resolution videos. All slides come with suitable widths and heights. You even can add text to speech to video within rendering page and download them directly.

– Adding music

There is a huge music library with built-in music for you to choose from. If nothing satisfies you, you can upload it from your PC.

– Add images

The image is very important. You have many options to take an image: from the available library, from your computer or even any website. EsyVid allows you to resize and render it.

Who should use EsyVid?

With all the benefits you see above, I am sure you see whether you need it or not. In my opinion, EsyVid is perfect for all types of marketer especially video marketers, social media marketers, website owners, and product sellers.

How to use EsyVid:

– Step 1: Login to the dashboard
– Step 3: Select the templates and customize it
– Step 3: Add sounds and choose the language
– Step 4: Decide to make a video from URL, scratch or upload content and images
– Step 5: Preview the videos and share them.

Slides Templates Design Samples created by EsyVid


Business Consultancy



EsyVid Review – Prices & Upsells

EsyVid main pack costs just $37 for all fantastic features. I am surprised at the price because if I decide to hire outsourcers, the cost can be 10x higher. EsyVid is not only saved money but save time to work. Besides, you can choose OTO 1 ($57), OTO 2 ($22), and the OTO 3 ($197) with more pro functions.

I just use the main product for a trial in a month; but after using video for 10 days, I rise 20% of followers and conversions with the lowest cost.

Moreover, I highly assess this system because there is a 30-day refund policy. It guarantees you only pay money when you’re satisfied with that.


Advantages and Disadvantages


– Cloud-based software
– Convert any URL into traffic getting video
– Free video from YouTube and Facebook
– Make engaging video from the product description
– Step by step training video
– No technical and prior experience required

Internet connection is required to work.


In conclusion, I assess EsyVid is incredible for all of the marketers from a newbie to an experienced. Even many people have been working for a long time but still, get the results they desired. So, I think anyone who wants to change the right way to work, they need EsyVid. Video is the power of viral marketing but how to profit it is depending on how I make and use it.

I hope my review can bring useful things for you. So that you can make a wise decision as well as choose the best solution for your career. If you use it and get some fruits, can you share with me later?












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Thank you for your reading and good luck!

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