Sendiio Review – The Best Autoresponder Software in 2019


Sendiio Review – The Best Autoresponder Software in 2019


If you want to get your hands on the FIRST and ONLY UNLIMITED Autoresponder that allows you to profit from the power of email, text and facebook messenger. Please check my Sendiio review immediately!


Hello guys, I want to share with you some of the results I received with email marketing, text marketing, and Facebook message marketing.
I have received a 98% open rate with text messages in the first 2 minutes and I get a 100% open rate with Facebook messages. And I know that Email marketing is still one of the most profitable marketing channels. You will get more clicks if their notifications appeal to customers.

And I think why don’t I combine these 3 forms to get the highest profit?
Amazing, Sendiio appeared and helped me target potential customers with all three types of marketing. I was really surprised at what Sendiio brought and today, I decided to introduce it to you to get a higher conversion customer list than ever before.
Follow my review to the end to receive a set of BONUSES worth hundreds of dollars!

A quick overview

Creator: Joshua Zamora
Date Of Launch: 2019-Feb-21
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Niche: Email, Text and Facebook Messenger
Front-End Price: $27- $37
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response.
Official Website:

Bonuses: Yes, Special Bonuses from Joshua.
Recommended: Yes
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

What is Sendiio about?

Sendiio is the first automated answering software in the world that allows you to profit from email, text messages and Facebook in a control panel.
This UNLIMITED Autoresponder not only brings the automatic answering feature to users but it also brings many other great features for you to be more successful. I will mention these features at the bottom. For now, go down to the next section of my review to learn about the Sendiio creator.

Creator of Sendiio

Joshua Zamora was the one who created Sendiio. He has many years of experience in marketing, so his products are related to this form. I have also learned a lot about his products and I find that his products bring great results to users. They all get good feedback from users.
He is not only a supplier but he is also a friend who is willing to help when people have difficulties in their work!

Outstanding Features and Benefits of Sendiio

Now, let’s learn about Sendiio’s features. In my experience, I find these features only available for Sendiio and you will not be able to find them in other software. I will list them for you to understand:

Enter an unlimited list

Unlike other software, Sendiio allows you to enter lists according to your wishes to get the highest profit.
Create unlimited email marketing, text marketing, and Facebook message translation campaigns.

With this feature, you will receive many sources of customers from these 3 marketing forms. The more customers you have, the higher your sales rate will be.

Create unlimited Optin forms

– This feature is too great if you are a beginner
– Create unlimited tracking sequences
– You can control everything that is happening in your campaign in 3 marketing formats. Know customer click and cancel ratios.

Create unlimited mailing campaigns once

You will connect and serve in a good way. Your customers will be satisfied with this attentive service!

How to Use Sendiio?

Sendiio will immediately bring you results with 3 steps:

– Step 1: Enter your list and create your campaign
– Step 2: Submit (or schedule) your campaign
– Step 3: Sit back and enjoy your profits
These 3 steps are too simple, right? Even if you’re a beginner, you won’t have trouble using it. In addition, there will be a tutorial video. You can view it to make the most of Sendiio’s internal features.

Who Should Use Sendiio?

As far as I can see, this application is really a great product for everyone. If you are having trouble creating marketing campaigns, Sendiio is really all you need. I strongly recommend Sendiio to you if you are:
– Affiliate marketers
– Bloggers
– Shopify Store
– Niche Website Owner
– Freelancer
– And more…

The Pros and Cons

– Nothing to set up
– No need to pay monthly fees
– Simple interface – easy to use
– Bonus set with the high value
– Many great upgrades

Although it is a powerful software but to work effectively you need to be really serious and effortless. If you are too lazy, you will fail!

The Pricing and Evaluation

Sendiio costs between $ 27 and $ 37. You will receive a request to access all the features I mentioned above. In addition, you are also provided with Agent access. This allows you to provide 3 services to your customers. Here are 3 high converting channels you can choose from:

  • OTO 1 – Sendiio Academy – priced at $ 67

By participating in this course, you will learn how to build 1,000 subscribers within 14 days. You will get 10 strategies to generate traffic and potential customers.

  • OTO 2 – Sendiio Elite – Price is $ 27 – $ 37 in 1 month

Right now, you can send email using the SMTP server without setting it up. Your delivery service will become reliable and fast. I believe your customers will love this.

  • OTO 3 – Sendiio VA License – priced at $ 67

You will have access to VA to run unlimited campaigns. You will receive campaigns from them but they will never be able to access your potential customers.

  • OTO 4 – Sendiio Booster – priced at $ 97

This upgrade will help you get a more powerful click and open rates. It brings many advanced features for you. I think you should take these channels seriously to make decisions for yourself. You can learn them on their sales page.

Sendiio Review – The Final Options

When you buy it at the link below you will get a set of bonuses to bring you towards faster success like:
– Bonus 1: Agency to include for a limited – time (Worth $ 997)
– Bonus 2: Twitter Autoresponder update (worth $ 97 / month)
– Bonus 3: Ringless voicemail dro update (Worth $ 97 / month)
– Bonus 4: Live 90 -minute training session (Worth $ 497)


If you have any questions, please leave below, I will answer you as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading my Sendiio review. Goodbye!

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