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Video marketing has been an important part of the marketing industry. It allows users to engage with the viewers far easier and faster. This is increasingly important as it is harder and harder to make the audience pay attention to something for a long time.

Luckily, I have discovered one brand new tool that can help you with creating videos. It’s VidEntice.

People have been talking about it since the first day they saw its sales page. Whether it is possible to add calls to action elements in the videos is still the question many people wonder when they first hear about the only software of its kind to do all the video conversion runs smoothly.

Why don’t you finish my VidEntice Review and find out if it is true or not?

Product Summary

Creator: Ali G.
Date Of Launch: 2017-June-23
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Niche: Video
Price: $27-$47
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response.
Official Website:
Recommended: Yes
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

What is VidEntice all about?

VidEntice is a video marketing tool that allows users to insert calls to action buttons into the video without any barrier. Then the tool will automatically redirect the audience to the landing page you have set before.

In doing so, you can grasp the audience’s attention much easier. You may be even more surprised to know when using VidEntice, you are able to edit the videos by just some clicks.

About the Author

The man who has made this VidEntice is Ali G. He has worked in social marketing for many years and has created a lot of products since then. VidEntice is his latest product that has received lots of attention from many marketing experts and marketers as well. Let’s read the rest part of my VidEntice Review to see what it is special about.

What are the Great Features?

Make use of big video sharing websites

VidEntice works so intelligently by making use of big channels such as YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo to get a huge source of content for your marketing campaign. You will have anything you need to make a video project without having to spend so much time on it. VidEntice can work in many popular niches, too.

Calls to action elements

This is the main feature I want to introduce to you. It is now possible for marketers to easily add calls to action buttons into the video. This feature helps increase the conversion rate by allowing users to customize the video in their own style.

Not just that, Videntice also does a very good job which adding banner, scarcity time and other option forms into the videos. This way, you can attract more viewers to interact and engage with your page. Sales and leads will eventually increase, too.

Increase the click rate of the video

VidEntice encourages the click rate by redirecting viewers to your destination link when they click to watch the video. The bounce rate will also decrease for that reason.

How Does It Work?

In short, there are 3 simple steps to start working with VidEntice:

Step 1: Add a video you want to use via YouTube, Daily Motion or Vimeo

Step 2: Add the calls to action as however you like

Step 3: Share it on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram.

Click here to watch the demo video if you want more information:

Who Should Use It?

Perhaps there is no limit to who can and who cannot use VidEntice. The software is helpful for anyone who works in marketing. If you want to boost conversion and traffic flow, VidEntice would be a key solution.

User experience

From my own experience, VidEntice is pretty amazing in increasing engagement to the site. The most thing I love about VidEntice is that there is no limit to anyone who could use the software. Whether you are a newbie, an amateur or a techie, VidEntice is completely accessible for you.

You can use the software to boost the conversion rates for your videos. Therefore, no more wasting a huge amount of time on improving the video campaigns anymore.

However, there are also some points I quite dislike about the product. First of all, the vendor does not attach some instruction documents to guide users in the first place. It’s kind of confusing but you can manage, eventually. So this is not a big of a deal, actually.

My last word in this VidEntice Review is that if you look for a product that helps you boost click rate and conversions, thereby boosting leads and sales, VidEntice front-end is your best choice.

Evaluation and Price

You’re interesting in the product: VidEntice SALES PAGE! Try a demo for just $27 to $47 for the front-end price. A very reasonable price for so many features it offers.


→ Beginner friendly

→ Easily adding calls to action features

→ Result in a boost of traffic and conversion


⊗ Viewers sometimes find it annoying when being redirecting to your landing pages

⊗ There is hardly any instruction or tutorial video to guide the users



(Note: With these bonuses below, all bonuses you absolutely need with the VidEntice and send [the receipt id] to my email: after completing the transaction). Feel free to share with me your experience with VidEntice. Goodbye!

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